otrdiena, 2015. gada 14. aprīlis

Alicias Birthday

I am now living in USA (it's been just a few month). Traveling between Texas and California.
We are now looking for a perfect beauty house with a huge garden (for our dogs) we can call home.
My basset hound Alicia is staying in Latvia at my parents house and i can't wait to bring her here. But first we need to find perfect place that would also be a happy place also for Tag and Alicia (our cutie pies), place they could go outside whenever they wanted.
I miss her so much. She is the cutest and sweetest thing! Love her to pieces!

Can't wait for summer to come! Me and my twin sister (she also lives in Cali) are planning to spend few weeks in Latvia this summer. 
Hope i can bring Alicia home with me already this summer. It is her birthday as well (she is a summer girl)!

Last summer we made her cake and my sweet family gave her gifts.
I have the best family in the whole wide world!

Alicias doggie cake.

Muffin and Alicia.

Alicia is so excited about the cake!
(Alicia, Sise and Muffin celebrating Alicias Bday)

My Cutie!
Love you!


6 komentāri:

  1. it looks that you miss your dog so much, I hope you love live in USA!

    xxx June

    1. Ohhhh... I do! She is the funniest and happiest dog!
      Wish there were no paper work to bring her to USA. :)

  2. Super cute dogs!

  3. Very swwet of you =))
    Lovely dogs