svētdiena, 2015. gada 6. decembris

My Beautiful Christmas Tree

We all decorated our beautiful Christmas tree on Thanksgiving while my family was visiting me for 2 weeks. Turned our so perfect :)

Dr. Seuss
IKEA star. 

We went to Christmas tree farm to find our perfect tree. It was so much fun. 

I miss snow here in California so much.

Thank you, my wonderful sister for the most wonderful gift! Latvian bee wax lantern with honey candles :) all the room now smells like honey!
Feels like home :)


Family road trip

Wynn Las Vegas.

Breakfast at Encore Las Vegas 

On our way to Grand Canyon

Yosemite Park

Sequoia trees

We stayed at Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite. They were decorating Christmas tree when we arrived.
So beautiful. They have the best kids games and fireplaces everywhere. So cozy and nice after a long day at beautiful Yosemite Park. Last time after our Spring break road trip i said i will never take another road trip.... but it is the best thing and best memories with my wonderful family. :) Can't wait to come here with my own kids one day! :)

T-shirt :)

Our family car for this road trip. "Moby Dick" :)

With my twin sister at Sequoia Nation Park

It started snowing at Grand Canyon. We were freezing...

Laguna Beach

Coffee fix. Thank you Starbucks! You are the best thing while on the road trip :)