sestdiena, 2010. gada 27. novembris

Christmas inspiration!

My favorite celebration (right after my birthday on Halloween) is Christmas.

I love the smell of gingerbread and mandarins. Sitting next to fireplace with my beautiful family, talking, loughing and drinking mulled wine with cinnamon and other spices.

And the white trees and snowmans outside (on the years that we all spend Christmas at my parents house in Europe. Because it never snows in Houston)  :)

And the most important thing, spending this beautiful time with my wonderful family.

By our Christmas tree with my beautiful mom, my basset hound Alicia and my beautiful twin sister.
I am so lucky to have such sweet and loving sisters.
Feel like the luckiest girl.

Ladurée Paris.

Having Espresso and raspberry Ladurée macaroon.

Starbucks Christmas drink.

Shanghai La Paris.

And I adore all the decorating with family weeks before...

The most wonderful time of the year! :)

Tiffany & Co window in NYC.

Shopping for Christmas tree decorations.

I love gingerbread christmas tree. Last year we also decorited our tree with differend shapes of gingerbread figures and white angels (my mom made tham and every year they are on our tree).
I love them. :)

Gingerbread cookie in the window.

Christmas shopping in Las Vegas @ Wynn hotel.

Hermes shopping trip to Las Vegas.

Hermes presents for Christmas


YSL Springtime in Paris

..... and here is my latest obsession - fragrances!

I would love to try every possible fragrance out there.... because every smell changes the way You feel about yourself.
And I really love mens fragrances. My favorite is Ralph Lauren Blue. Love, love, love it! :)

And my last years favorite one is YSL Paris Spring Time.... but it's limited edition, so I try to spray it not as often as i loved to.
But that is why there is so many other ones out there.

And I really starting to love Coco MADEMOISELLE and Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One.
And Guerlain Insolence. I love sometimes really sweet, strong and heavy ones... my mom says it smells like old soap. :)

I also love mixing multiple fragrances together to make it more personal. So I am the only one out there smelling like that.

Few of my fragrances in my beautiful bathroom. I love marble...

my all time favorite - YSL Spring in Paris.
(Packing my bags to go back home to USA).
My favorite airline is KLM. Mostly because of the houses :)
Starting my KLM house collection!

My beautiful Ladurée cake topper.

Lanvin wedding invitation cards.

KLM houses

Frogs and macaroons

Girls day out!

Ohhhh, how I miss those wonderful coffee dates with my sisters on a warm summer days.

We went to local macaroons cafe. I love macaroons, so it was obvious choise... mmm... 

the weather was so lovely. You have to love Latvian summers.
Coffee place was located in Berga Bazars. One of the cutest places in Riga.
Lucky for me, they had art show outside in the gardens/streets.

So cute

Latvian design lamp.

Wild summer flowers.

Macaroons were really good. We should come here more often.


ceturtdiena, 2010. gada 25. novembris


There is something about New York!
You just want to go back again and again.
I flew from Latvia. So decided to try SAS for the first time (usually I go KLM or Air France). Have to say - one of the best flights and trips I had to NYC.
Maybe biggest plus was that it was summer outside so it was perfect weather outside.

SAS business class.
The best airline food I ever had. I love Scandinavian standards.
I always try to sleep as much as possible in airplanes, but movie choices were way too good to sleep. So I stayed awake, drinking fresh Illy coffee (they had illy coffee machine with capsules) and eating snacks (best and biggest choice of in between meal snacks). Fresh fruits (also bananas and apples), berries, cookies and different choices of candies.

LV store

Dinner with the view.
At Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

FIKA coffee fix. Great way to start a day!
Love New York.

Stayed at the Mandarin Oriental. They have the best smelling body lotions.
Had to take one home.

The sweetest welcome note from NYC Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Thank you for stuffing my hotel fridge with coconut water.
The best.

For the road. Started to read Fifty Shades Of Grey, but never finished. Turned out to be much more different then I thought it will be... Hmmm...

Going home 

My cutest LV baby and Fiji water for the road :)

Visiting NYC at winter.
It's cold outside... Wearing Burberry coat and drinking Starbucks soy cappuccino