sestdiena, 2010. gada 27. novembris

YSL Springtime in Paris

..... and here is my latest obsession - fragrances!

I would love to try every possible fragrance out there.... because every smell changes the way You feel about yourself.
And I really love mens fragrances. My favorite is Ralph Lauren Blue. Love, love, love it! :)

And my last years favorite one is YSL Paris Spring Time.... but it's limited edition, so I try to spray it not as often as i loved to.
But that is why there is so many other ones out there.

And I really starting to love Coco MADEMOISELLE and Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One.
And Guerlain Insolence. I love sometimes really sweet, strong and heavy ones... my mom says it smells like old soap. :)

I also love mixing multiple fragrances together to make it more personal. So I am the only one out there smelling like that.

Few of my fragrances in my beautiful bathroom. I love marble...

my all time favorite - YSL Spring in Paris.
(Packing my bags to go back home to USA).
My favorite airline is KLM. Mostly because of the houses :)
Starting my KLM house collection!

My beautiful Ladurée cake topper.

Lanvin wedding invitation cards.

KLM houses

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