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Christmas inspiration!

My favorite celebration (right after my birthday on Halloween) is Christmas.

I love the smell of gingerbread and mandarins. Sitting next to fireplace with my beautiful family, talking, loughing and drinking mulled wine with cinnamon and other spices.

And the white trees and snowmans outside (on the years that we all spend Christmas at my parents house in Europe. Because it never snows in Houston)  :)

And the most important thing, spending this beautiful time with my wonderful family.

By our Christmas tree with my beautiful mom, my basset hound Alicia and my beautiful twin sister.
I am so lucky to have such sweet and loving sisters.
Feel like the luckiest girl.

Ladurée Paris.

Having Espresso and raspberry Ladurée macaroon.

Starbucks Christmas drink.

Shanghai La Paris.

And I adore all the decorating with family weeks before...

The most wonderful time of the year! :)

Tiffany & Co window in NYC.

Shopping for Christmas tree decorations.

I love gingerbread christmas tree. Last year we also decorited our tree with differend shapes of gingerbread figures and white angels (my mom made tham and every year they are on our tree).
I love them. :)

Gingerbread cookie in the window.

Christmas shopping in Las Vegas @ Wynn hotel.

Hermes shopping trip to Las Vegas.

Hermes presents for Christmas


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