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Chanel Phenix

Love this color.

Greek Sweets

Marchesa Voyage shirt, Chanel bag and shoes, Tiffany & Co butterfly necklace, Chanel nail polish.


I love, love, love greek sweets. Tasted almost as good as in Greece.

Dinner date at Greek restaurant, Houston.

Friday Brunch at Melange Creperie, Houston

Best crepes ever! 
Pretty much obsessed with Melange Creperie.
Despite its humble appearance, Melange Creperie always draws a big crowd. The wait can get kind of long (we waited 45min to get our favorite ham, egg and cheese crepe that day... it was so good we took another one home and also decided to tried cookie, strawberry crepe. It was delicious!), it's always worth it.
He makes everything from scratch and you can tell he really puts love in his food. It always tastes amazing and we keep coming back again and again.

Another beautiful day in Houston

Best crepes in Houston!

Melange Creperie cookie crepe.


sestdiena, 2015. gada 21. marts

Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm, Albuquerque

We love Los Poblanos.
Stayed there for only one night on our way to California.
The most charming, luxury-quality and elegant place we found by accident while taking a road trip from Houston to Cali.

As we traveled with our westie (West Highland Terrier) it was pretty hard to find a nice hotel that was pet friendly.
Lucky to us they (Los Poblanos) had a room for us to stay that night.

We arrived late in the evening.
Sleepy and exhausted.
Young man took us to our house that was located next to the greenhouse.
That had a very nice private outdoor space.

It was pretty chilly evening. We had  fireplace in our room with real wood. So we felt asleep listening to fire. 
The accommodations were perfect and beds were incredibly comfortable.

Next morning we woke up to beautiful, peaceful and sunny day.
Walked our puppy arround beautiful farm.
Met gooses, peacocks, chickens and sheep.

The organic breakfast were beyond expectation!

Before leaving we stopped at the Farm Shop.
They have the most amazing bath products made from lavender grown on site.

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