pirmdiena, 2015. gada 2. marts

Home Sweet Home

Visiting my beautiful country.
Can't wait to see my family again.

Another beautiful day in Houston.
Good reason to spend morning outside! So we decided to go for a bike ride.

My lovely husband got me this beautiful bike basket few days ago.
So in love with it.

Bike ride before my flight.
So beautiful.

Back home.
All packet and ready to go to airport.

Waiting at KLM lounge in Amsterdam for my connection flight to Riga.

Juice. Love. Happiness.

KLM flight from Houston to Amsterdam.

KLM. Amsterdam airport.
Changing flights.

Almost home! :)
Beautiful Air Baltic magazine.
So happy!

Alicia at airport! Love Tommy Hilfiger.

My beautiful Riga, Latvia

My sweet sister picked me up from airport. Thank you! Love you.

Hermes scarf

Illy espresso.


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