svētdiena, 2015. gada 3. maijs

My super Green Juice

My Love started a juice cleanse to get in better shape. So we been making fresh juices every day. We love ginger, so every juice we make is spicy/gingery.

Having a movie night with green juice, kale chips and coconut water.

We bought new juicers in Cali and Houston. Ones my twin sister suggested. She is really into healthy eating and always knows the best things when it comes to healthy things.

Our super green juice is made from ginger, spinach, kale, apple, wheatgrass.
We buy everything at Whole Foods here in Cali.

Njammy... :)

our movie snacks.

Best (pink) coconut water and kale chips/krunch we have found so far.
We have tried every brand out there, but this is our fave.


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