piektdiena, 2015. gada 10. aprīlis


Spent the most beautiful time with my family in Belize.
Can't wait to go back.
We stayed at Sanctuary Belize ( http://www.sanctuarybelize.com )
The most beautiful place on Earth. With zillion coconut palms on property. We lived right next to the beach. Every morning i woke up to the most beautiful sunrises and had a jog with my family.
Fresh coconut water every day. I love coconut water so it was paradise for me!
So beautiful!

After 9h flight from Europe, we flew to Belize and then boarded this super cute plane. And arrived to breathtaking Sanctuary Belize.

Waking up to this beauty every morning.

KLM business class flight on a way home. Watching The Middle on my iPad.


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