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Our new Houston Heights Historic House

My Love found cute house in Heights that he felt in love with and bought. The house was half renovated so we were so lucky we could choose all the materials and finishes we would love to see in our new house. So we are now renovating our new historic house in Houston Heights.
We were not allowed to change old windows (because they were historic) and few more things, but still so lucky we can make this place the way we want it to be.

We are working with amazing designer Tiffany that have amazing taste and have similar style we do.
It's been so much fun choosing everything for our new house.
Can't wait to see how it all looks after it's finished.

Our open plan kitchen.
It will be white kitchen with white marble countertops.
Also master bathroom countertops will be white marble.

Beauty sitting area without TV.
Out TV/family room will be on the other side of the kitchen.

Our historic windows we are not allowed to change.
Nice to have gap in windows during to die hot Houston summers ;)


We chose Ralph Lauren lantern for our staircase.
Second floor will be kids rooms and play area.

Historic windows for the first floor....

My super cute kitchen. I am so excited!

Having Illy coffee and choosing tiles for bathrooms.

Our wonderful designer Tiffany measuring how big will be marble for our kitchen island.

Kids will have darker tones in upstairs bathroom while we will go for neutral tones downstairs.

Tiles for master bathroom.
Our first choice was black and white tiles for bathroom floor (the ones we will have in laundry room).

Our kitchen will have white farmhouse sink.

Kitchen neutrals.

Our beautiful laundry room floor.

Our new garden have banana tree :)


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