ceturtdiena, 2012. gada 3. maijs

The most wonderful time of the year

My beautiful tree! 
We waited bit too long to buy Christmas lights for our tree so it ended up not as bright as I hoped. Good news - there is always a new year. I will make it brighter next year. ;)
I love collecting Christmas tree ornaments. So I always try to buy new ornaments whenever I travel and see something super cute.
I love colors so this year I had candy/sweets Christmas tree.

Bought this beautiful ornament while in NYC. At Disney store.
I love the cartoon so that really made my day when I saw him at the Disney store.

Did some Christmas shopping for my mom. She loves Jo Malone. It smelled so good, I had to buy little something for myself here as well.
There can never be too many gifts.

I love those Christmas flowers.

Jo Malone

As me and my sisters live in different Cities/countries we usually celebrate Christmas each year in different place. Good we love to travel :)
 Christmas in Mexico City and NY in Cancun.

There is nothing better then fresh coconut water. Best thing about living in warm countries.

Have to watch your head while walking Alicia. Falling coconuts :)

My favorite fruit - Soursop (right after bananas).

Starbucks coffee fix. Right before I discovered they had Illy in Mexico City as well. There is nothing better then cup of really good coffee.
The smell of coffee maskes me happy. :)

Riding the boat in Cancun. We are living in the cutest and safest neighborhood.
I love Cancun.

We were the only ones on the property so it was the best day ever!! Sunbathing by the pool with the view of ocean.

My perfect Christmas morning surprise. Thank you, My Love! You are the best.
I am so lucky.

Hermes bracelet.

And new pink Christian Louboutin shoes for Christmas.

Christmas coca cola.

Hugo Boss dress and Chanel bag.

Best seafood (ceviche) place in Cancun. Simple, fresh and cosy.

the view from out table


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