trešdiena, 2011. gada 16. marts

My new addiction

Rooibos teas!
I used to love herb teas and white teas, but after having my first rooibos tea, I got hooked up!

Having but cake and Rooibos Tea for lunch.

So before coming home I had to visit local mall to take this super tasty tea home :)

mmmmm.... :)

And then my wonderful Bfriend surprised me with a trip to Paris, France.
We flew business with Air France.
(Seats are not as wide as KLM, but food was just amazing. You must love France for its foods).
After dinner we had tea with cakes.
It was so good, that we had to stop at the tea shop in Paris and get few packages to take back home with us!
Air France business class flight Houston to Paris.

We stayed at the amazing Shangi-La hotel.

After googling the tea place I found out, that it is right next to the main shopping streets. Yeaay! Perfect location. :)

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