pirmdiena, 2011. gada 3. janvāris

Macaroons for rainy summer day in Norway

I love Norway! But summers sometimes are way too cold and rainy. 
I was so lucky and spent a month visiting this beautiful country. :)

Sebastien Bruno in Oslo, Norway .... mmmm... i love macaroons! :)
So I had to try this amazing place while in Norway.
My aunt knows the best places to shop and have coffee/macaroons.
When I am visiting Paris I usually visit Ladurée. My all time favorite place.
(My wedding cake will be Ladurée macaroon cake with Ladurée wedding cake topper). :)

they have the most amazing flavors.... oohhh.... just want to eat all of the cute cakes and macaroons. Perfect place to be on rainy Norway summer day.

My beautiful aunt choosing macaroons to take home. Love her style. She have the best taste when it comes to clothes.

Love the interior :)

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